Equipment Financing

Get the Equipment You Want for Your Business

When it comes to outfitting the company with the tools and machinery needed to become successful, a startup may find that the initial cash outlay for equipment can be very steep. The team at Premier Commercial Lending, LLC has developed equipment financing programs to assist companies in getting the required tools for the trade.

Why Leasing Equipment Makes Sense

Getting a business up and running means starting with nothing. Everything required to get a venture off the ground must be accounted for a business budget. Equipment leasing allows a business in any stage of development to get its hands on the computers, telephones, furniture, and heavy equipment with little or no cash down. Doing this allows the capital or lines of credit to remain intact for other business needs.

General Qualifications

There are several ways a company may qualify for leasing business equipment. Our experts turn around applications within one day for smaller ticket items and within five days for larger items. Our rates are competitive, and for those businesses that have been up and operating for at least two years, we offer up to seven years for repayment. Other terms and conditions may include:

  • Financial applications for products up to $150,000 need not provide financial statements
  • Eligibility for up to $500,000 for mid-ticket items
  • Flexible repayment schedules

Popular Programs To Choose From

If a company is just starting, our programs developed to help can provide financing for the items required for the business’s success. As the business grows, we also offer a program whereby we purchase the equipment. Once the payment terms are met, ownership of the leased equipment is transferred to the company.

Let us help provide the equipment required to run a successful venture while keeping cash reserves intact. Contact Premier Commercial Lending, LLC to learn more about our equipment financing programs.